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What’s Your Organizing Personality?


Did you know there are 10 different Organizing Personality Types?

And that we each have one, or even a combination of two or more??

Many people believe that either you were born organized, or you weren’t.

Not true! If you feel like you can’t be an organized person, think again.

You CAN be organized! It starts with identifying your Organizing Personality. Once you know this, you can learn the skills that work best for your style.

So, what is your Organizing Personality? Read these brief summaries to find out! (From the book “How to be Organized in Spite of Yourself”- by Sunny Schlenger & Roberta Roesch)

1.      Hopper– I jump from task to task and often don’t complete what I start.

2.      Perfectionist Plus– I never seem to have time to do all of the things I want to do as well as I believe they should be done.

3.      Allergic to Detail– I’m impatient with project follow-through because I just can’t be bothered with all the little details.

4.      Fence Sitter– When faced with a number of choices I have trouble making up my mind.

5.      Cliff Hanger– I usually wait until the last minute to start work.

6.      Everything Out– I prefer to have everything out where I can see it all.

7.      Nothing Out– I like to keep my desk perfectly clear, but I still don’t feel organized.

8.      Right Angler– My office looks very neat, but I can never find anything when I need it.

9.      Pack Rat– I hate to get rid of anything that might come in handy someday.

10.    Total Slob– I can’t be bothered with straightening up.